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Oil-dependent transport moves a ton to move a person in congested traffic.

Traffic costs the people of New York $48.9 billion per year

  • $25.2 billion on foreign oil
  • $17.8 billion on accidents 
  • $5.9 billion on congestion


Recover $9 billion per year by moving only the person and freight above the roads. Solar-powered transportation is safer, faster, cleaner and affordable. On-demand mobility regardless of age, ability or wealth. Life requires energy. Energy self-reliance. Links to


  • Physics:  It costs less to move less.
  • Concept:  Computer controlled, ultra-light JPods rail networks move people and cargo on-demand; a Physical-Internet; a circulatory system for an economic community.
  • Legal: Pass the Performance Standard Law of Massachusetts Senate Bill #1837. Build with private capital and exceed 5-times the energy efficiency of highways.
  • Market Niche:  On-demand mobility for highly repetitive, commuter-range transport of cargo and people.
  • Safety:  > 2,000 times safer than cars.
  • Emissions:  Zero.
  • Congestion:  Zero.
  • Efficiency:  200 watt-hour per mile. Mobility savings are amplified by the 6x Net Energy of solar over oil. 
  • Power:  Solar collectors gather 25,000 vehicle-miles of power per mile of rail per day.  Distributed transportation grid harvests distributed natural power.



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