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Time to React

Time to react

It has taken 37 years to build the Internet to current level of access. It will take at least as long to re-tool transportation away from oil. By the most optimistic estimate we have 26 years. Peak Oil presentation.

We are not going to run out of oil. We did not run out of oil in the last six years, but it did tripled in price. We are running out of oil that can make gas for less than $6 per gallon.

Pollution indicates poor use of a resource. Economic and environmental stress are synonyms

  • Road rage, pot holes, air pollution, higher oil prices.
  • There is a profit in preempting waste.

Existence depends on nature and the grace from which life struggles.

  • We are responsible to not be the locus of our own demise.
  • Stewarding the earth is like driving a barge with a 200 year turning radius
    • What we do today may seem insignificant.
    • Events accumulate.
    • Consequences follow.

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