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Kitty Hawk Network

Two page handout in Print Quality and Email Quality (280k).

Kitty Hawk Networks™ are 300 meter commercial grade networks deployed for several purposes:

  • Provide people with an opportunity to experience solar-powered mobility.
  • Provide a template to localize manufacturing.
  • Educate the community on the benefits and how to design sustainable infrastructure.
  • Train crews for expanding networks.
  • Recruit talent to expand networks locally and in wider markets.

This is a dynamic illustration of a Kitty Hawk Network. It is a new tool from SketchUp, so it may not be fully dynamic in all operating systems and browsers. If it is fully working, you should be able to rotate and scroll in and out.


Download the Kitty Hawk Network from the 3D library. By clicking on the model, tools will be provided to manipulate it in this frame.




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