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First Cities of the Sun

Life requires energy. Cheap oil is nearly gone. Life powered by cheap oil nearly ended with the debt collapse of 2008. 

First Cities of the Sun is a collaboration between innovators and cities to change economic lifeblood from oil to ingenuity.

  • Oil is finite and being used up.
  • The more ingenuity is exercised, the more ingenuity develops.

Communications infrastructure provides a model to repeat:

  • Under Federal monopolly there was a century of rotary telepehones.
  • After the Constitution was enforced in 1982, liberty was restored. Vast wealth, innovations, millions of jobs delivering better services at lower costs resulted.

The "general welfare" is forged as two aspects of liberty intertwine in the Darwinian process of Creative Destruction:

  1. Liberty is society’s tolerance of Disruptive MinoritiesDisruptive Minorities offer society choices. 
  2. Wisdom from the Many sort choices offered in free markets. The aggregated wisdom of all of us, with each of us acting in our own self-interest, is wiser than the wisest of us at choosing between choices. Wisdom from the Many is repeatedly illustrated in the book, Wisdom of Crowds

There is no minority as tiny and disrputive as innovators:

  • Consider Ford, Edison, Bell, the Wright Brother, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Their Creative Destruction creates and destorys millions of jobs. 
  • Consider Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jefferson, Madison, Washington. Their Creative Destruction displaced the Governing applying violence to stifle liberty.

Why Nations Fail, the Origins of Power, Properity, and Poverty provides many examples of how:

  1. Inclusive institutions foster creative-destruction, wealth and power.
  2. Extractive institutions, government monopolies, stifle innovation to maintain the power base of the elite. 

Powering an economy with:

  • Oil energy is based on extraction. Oil-wars, debt, resource depletion, and Climate Change are examples of extracting more than is created.
  • Solar energy is and inclusion, everyone exercising the self-discipline to be energy self-reliant.

Leading by example, First Cities of the Sun are demostrating the sources of Power and Prosperity the come from liberty, inclusive institutions. These cities are adopting the Solar Mobility Act

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