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Approximately 150 cities are competing to win Amazon's 50,000 jobs.

The larger prize is to capture many of the millions of jobs (estimate 65 millions-man-years of jobs) that will be created deploying the Physical Internet®:

  • Hyperloop, ET3 and others will be the high-speed, the "fiber optics" of the Physical Internet. They will connect cities.
  • JPods and other podcar networks will be the WiFi, the Local Area Networks that provide logistical and passenger services within cities.

Amazon promises $5 billion of investmes. Allowing building the Physical Internet will convert $10 billion per year of traffic costs into value (details follow).

The Solar Mobility Act, restoring free markets in transportation can repeated the success of restoring free markets in communications in 1982.  Millions of jobs were created building the Internet after nearly a century of rotary telephones under Federal monopoly. 

Example JPods network around St Louis Airport:


The Governor of Missouri issues an Executive Order granting Rights of Way access for commercial demonstrations of transportation networks that are at least 5 times the efficiency of roads based on:

  • Solar Mobility Act (as adopted in Bengaluru India, passed in Secaucus, NJ, pending in MA legislature).
    • Build with private capital.
    • Operate without government subsidies.
    • Exceed 5 times the energy efficiency of highways.
    • Exceed the safety of highway.
    • Gather 2 megawatt-hours of energy per mile per typical day.
    • Pay 5% of gross revenues for use of air space over city streets.
    • Regulate based on the ASTM F24 Theme Park Standards:
      • 4.5 per million injury-rate when regulated by Theme Park Standards.
      • 106 deaths per million regulated by DOT.
      • Widely used in Missouri.
      • Existing enforcement and insurance.
      • Existing common law.
  • Franchise Ordinance

The legislature passes these laws. As filed in the Massachusetts Legislature, S1970.

Solving Traffic Problems Pays to Create Jobs:

As soon as a known cost of regulation is defined, capital will invest to convert current traffic costs into value people of Missouri $18.7 billion per year. At least $10 billion per year of these costs can be recovered by combining the efficiency of freight rail with the on-demand service of the Internet. 

Data from Missouri DOT:

  • Between 2011-2016, Kansas City experienced a 3.9% population growth; Columbia grew 6.6%; St. Louis grew 0.5% (Source)
  • The annual cost of congestion per auto commuter is $933 in Kansas City, $304 in Columbia and $1,020 in St. Louis. (Source)
  • Kansas City is the second-largest rail hub and the third-largest trucking hub in the country. (Source)
  • In 2014, Kansas City’s regional network of transportation hubs handled an estimated 264 million tons of freight valued at $357 billion. (Source)
  • The Port of St. Louis is 19.3 miles of riverbank on the Mississippi River and handles more than 32 million tons of freight annually. (Source)
  • Traffic congestion resulted in $1.1 billion in direct and indirect costs for Kansas City in 2014. (Source)
  • Traffic congestion resulted in $1.6 billion in direct and indirect costs for St. Louis in 2014. (Source)
  • Missouri’s strategic location is within 500 miles of 43% of the U.S. population and 44% of all U.S. manufacturing plants. (Source)
  • St. Louis is occupied by nearly 40 colleges, universities and technical schools. (Source)

Special Tax Incentives to Capture JPods Jobs:

None. The lesson of 19 years of working to build solar-powered mobility networks:

  • Who eats lunch and who is lunch illustrates the violent nature of life.
  • To contain the limitless violence of natural law, we form governments to monopolize violence to coerce compliance with law.
  • There should be equality under this law.
  • Government monopoly and coercion is essential AND should be as limited as possible. 
  • The barrier to building solar-powered mobility networks for the past 19 years is political involvement in commerce that seeks favors and control over the public good. 
  • We ask no favors, we do no favors. We will create jobs in uniform compliance under the Solar Mobility Act.

JPods will win or lose based on the value we create for our customers and how well we control our costs. 





Background Information and Videos

Why an Executive Order and Law are Required:

Technically, no law should be required to innovate in America. As explained in five Presidentail veto messages, Federal infrastructure monopolies are unconstitutional. The framers voted 8 states to 3 on Sept 14, 1787 to restrict Federal roads to no more than delivering letters in defense of free speech. They did not want to mix war-making powers with commercial self-interest; the Boston Tea Party had been a lesson in that defect.

Unfortunately Federal policies violated the Preamble's divided sovereignty as explained in Federalist #45:

"The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State."

Until the courts declared the Federal communications monopoly unconstitutional in 1982, communications innovation was stifled in the near century of rotary telephones. Here is a 1968 video of the Mother of All Demos showing nearly every technology in the Internet. America On Line did not begin until 1983. This 1994 video of the Today Show of "What is the Internet"

When the Federal government violates the Constitition it is unsafe for capital to invest. Afer the Constitution was enforced, millions of jobs are created. Liberty is the source of the "general welfare"

Government must obey Constitutions for capital to invest. Federalist #62, Madison

"What prudent merchant will hazard his fortunes in any new branch of commerce when he knows not but that his plans may be rendered unlawful before they can be executed? What farmer or manufacturer will lay himself out for the encouragement given to any particular cultivation or establishment, when he can have no assurance that his preparatory labors and advances will not render him a victim to an inconstant government? In a word, no great improvement or laudable enterprise can go forward which requires the auspices of a steady system of national policy."

The Governor's Executive Order will do for transportation what the courts did for communications in 1982. Restoring liberty to innovate will convert traffic costs into jobs.

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Remove Parasitic Mass 
The problem with pollution and traffic congestion is we are moving two tons to move a person. JPods remove the Parasitic Mass and repetitive applications of power required from Start-Stop traffic. To illustrate how little energy is required, we allowed people to push a JPods mobilie network setup in front of Boston City Hall as part of Boston Green Fest. The small girl is pushing her mother. Judeth (75 years old) pushes a JPods vehicle with 3 people.

Remove Parasitic Mass from Bill James on Vimeo.





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