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Capital Summary

Transportation is digitizing just as communications did. Uber, scooters, Tesla are digital devices on the analog highway. JPods and Hyperloops will be digital devices on digital networks. Link to Red Bull TV documentary on the Future of Transportation

Links to documents:

  • Problem: Burning a finite resource to move two tons to move a person in congested urban networks.
  • Solution: Profit by converting traffic cost into value with 10X more efficient and lower-cost networks of self-driving cars on grade-separated, solar-powered guideways.
  • Metrics: Link:
  • Team: Deep experience in technology, manufacturing, engineering, compliance, and logistics. Access to thousands of former military officers to seed networks where applicable.
  • Market Size: Start small and iterate relentlessly where there is less than a 5 year payback on networks. 
  • Path to Market:
  • Supporting tools:
    • Route-Time™ and JPods3D
    • WebClerk, founded and wrote the tools for controlling the selling process.
    • ASIDatamyte, founded and invented digital systems for controlling manufacturing process.
    • Aesthetic Green Power, solar collectors we make in Poughkeepsie, NY.
    • SkyRide that JPods contracted with to add automation. Best Cruise Ship Feature of 2016 and 2017. Carnival added to 3 ships.
    • Business Plan
    • Spread Sheet
      • To keep the scale projects understandable, finances are calculated by Projects.
      • The baseline is a 10 km network, such as the Mall of America to hotels and airport. This requires $82 million.
      • Total projects are for 118 km, at $1,360 million.
      • Tabs at the bottom:
        • JPods Summary:  Job created per 10 km, for the 118 km, and the estimated Physical Internet in the US.
      • go to the P&L tab at the botton to see EBITDA (gold).
    • The following 8-minute video explains the capital benefits of building the Physical Internet and JPods.




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