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Since being built as a solution to the 1973 Oil Embargo, Morgantown's PRT has delivered 110 million injury-free, oil-free passenger-miles. In that same period approximately 1.6 million Americans were killed on the DOT highway monopoly. DOT cannot stop highway deaths, but they can end their monopoly that stifles deployment of safer networks.


Congestion costs Americans, you, a work-week per year, $121 billion. Imagine getting to and from work, 24x7 without congestion or a car payment. JPods overhead rails preempt the causes of congestion and average greater speed than cars, trains or buses. Congestion Statistics


Solar-collectors mounted over JPods rails gather 25,000 vehicle-miles of power per mile of rail per day. The distributed nature of transportation networks can power urban mobility within a solar budget. No emissions, no pollution, no resource depletion, just sunshine.


Moving a ton to move a person is less than 1% of known efficiency. If the 140,000 miles of freight railroads average 476 ton-mile per gallon, why do we move a person at 34 mpg? JPods average 260 passenger-miles per gallon, saving families a car payment per month.


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