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Why 23 Years without Building

The answer to "why I have not been able to build JPods for the past 23 years."
Start by asking:
  • Why is traffic so bad in your city today?
  • Why have world leaders failed to meaningfully address Climate Change since the Kyoto Protocol identified it as a major threat to humanity in 1992? 
  • Why have 8 Presidents failed to meaningfully address foreign oil addiction despite perpetual oil-wars since 1991?
What I have done to achieve what world leaders and Presidents failed:
  • Identified the Root Cause of the barrier to solving these issues:
    • In response to the hardships of the 1973 Oil Embargo Congress commissioned the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment to define solutions.
    • Study PB-244854, "Automated Guideway Transit" was published as a result of that Congressional order.
    • Page 41 (published 45 years ago it cites Morgantown's PRT as an example):

Urban transportation technology has advanced at such a slow pace that prevailing systems are almost indistinguishable from their counterparts of four to six decades ago (aside from some relatively minor cosmetic changes). However, the lack of progress is not a result of failure to advance technology. Much advanced transportation technology exists. Rather, it is a failure to devise effective ways to introduce the technology into urban transportation.


This failure stems from a lack of understanding by UMTA [responsible Federal agency] of the capabilities of the private sector and local transportation authorities and UMTA’S underestimation of the difficulties inherent in developing and implementing reliable and cost effective new systems.

  • Identify a prime law that can be used to force change:
    • The Boston Tea Party was a demonstration against a government transportation monopoly that triggered a war. 
    • To prevent rebuilding that path to war, the Constitution specifically forbids Federal taxing to build highways (beyond the minimum required to defend free speech, post Roads), canals, Ports, and other internal improvements.
    • HTTP://
  • Defined a simple 5X5 Standard that can be used to use and already well established regulatory framework.
  • Lined up $4-6 billion that can be invested if that regulatory framework can be established. See Goldman Sachs Letter of Interest.
  • Defined a local government franchise document that can implement the regulatory framework for specific networks. 
  • Patented the technology for self-driving cars on grade-separated guideways:
    • Tesla has 1.88 billion self-driving car miles on roads by violating every law that gets in their way. Thre is no technical barrier to building networks of self-driving cars.
    • The only barrier to regulations that allow simplifying the situation by granting Rights of Way access to build grade-separated guideways.
Still working on niche markets where we can implement the framework. 

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