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Nashville, TN

Traffic costs the people of Tennessee $18.7 billion per year.

Most of these costs can be rcovered as value by passing the Solar Mobility Act. The Solar Mobility Act restores liberty to innovate transportation infrastructure based on:

  • Build with private capital.
  • Operate without government subsidies.
  • Exceed 5 times the energy efficiency of highways.
  • Exceed the safety of highway.
  • Gather 2 megawatt-hours of energy per mile per typical day.
  • Pay 5% of gross revenues for use of air space over city streets.
  • Regulate based on the ASTM F24 Theme Park Standards:
    • 4.5 per million injury-rate when regulated by Theme Park Standards.
    • 106 deaths per million regulated by DOT.

In 1982 liberty to innovate communications infrastructure was restore when courts forced an end to the unconstitutional Federal communications monopoly. Millions of jobs resulted as commercial innovator offered innovations and people sorted those choices in free markets.

Liberty is society's tolerance of disruptive minorities offering choices. The Solar Mobility Act restores liberty to offer solar-powered mobility choices to unconstitutional government mandated oil/coal fired infrastructure

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10x Benefits of Solar Powered Mobility Networks


Remove Parasitic Mass 
The problem with pollution and traffic congestion is we are moving two tons to move a person. JPods remove the Parasitic Mass and repetitive applications of power required from Start-Stop traffic. To illustrate how little energy is required, we allowed people to push a JPods mobilie network setup in front of Boston City Hall as part of Boston Green Fest. The small girl is pushing her mother. Judeth (75 years old) pushes a JPods vehicle with 3 people.

Remove Parasitic Mass from Bill James on Vimeo.

90 Second Summary of JPods

The deployment of self-driving cars on city streets underscores there is no technical barrier to deploying self-driving pods on grade separated rails. The grade separate rails preempts safety defects of highways and energy wasted in start-stop traffic. The area over the top to the rails allows solar collectors to gather 40,000 vehicle-miles of power per mile of rail per day.

JPods Route-Time® software calculation travel times, vehicles needed, and congestion risks. Santa Cruz, CA

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