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Broward County

Traffic costs the people of Florida $48.1 billion per year:


Video of the Route-Time example above.

Connecting the airport and port.

The Physical Internet®, the digitizing of mobility networks will be as signficant as the Internet, the digitizing of communications networks.

  1. Private capital invested $28 billion in mobility startups in 2017
  2. Governor Hogan of Maryland granted Elon Musk 10 miles of Rights of Way to begin building Hyperloop.
  3. Richard Branson announced in Dubai the building of Hyperloop.
  4. JPods signed a contract to build solar-powered mobility networks in Shaxian, China.
  5. These modern networks build on the success of:
    • The suspended train in Wuppertal, Germany. It moves 25 million passengers/year and has has one fatal accident since it opened in 1901.
    • The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) network in Morgantown, WV. The PRT network has delivered 110 milllion oil-free, injury-free passenger-miles. In that same period of injury-free mobility more than 1.7 million Americans were killed on roads.
    • The safety of thrill rides. Theme parks, regulated by the ASTM International F24 standards have an injury-rate of 0.2 per million versus 118 deaths per million for roads.

Millions of jobs were created digitizing communications. Millions of jobs will be created digitizing transportation and energy. What was required to digitize communications was restoring free market when the Federal communications monopoly was declared unconstitutional in 1982. What is required to build the Physical Internet® is to restore free markets based on granting Rights of Way to:

  • Networks that are at least 5 times more efficient than existing networks.
  • Networks pay 5% of gross revenues for non-exclusive use of Rights of Way.
  1. Draft Letter of Intent. With a sincere intent, JPods will begin investing money with no obligation to Broward.
  2. The Solar Mobiliy Act (MA Senate Bill S2302 Section 113) establishes a free market regulatory framework.
  3. Franchise Ordinance is required between governments and investors for specific networks.
  4. Link to the specific Franchise contract signed between JPods and Shaxian, China.

Solar collectors over the networks gather the energy to power the networks. Broward County will become a center for both sustainable transportation and energy.


Examples of the solar collection systems created by JPods co-founder Frank Pao.


Summary of why capital will invest to convert 90% of current transportation costs into jobs, customer savings, and profits.

Putting protected bike paths under JPods networks

Junior high students assemble a moveable JPods demonstration unit at John D. O'Bryant Middle School in Boston.

Days before mega-mall vote, Miami-Dade still wrestling with traffic questions

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