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Everett MA

90 Second Massachusetts JPods from Bill James on Vimeo.

Congestion can solved by recovering $9 billion a year from the $19.9 billion a year traffic costs the people of Massachusetts. Once liberty to choose mobility solutions is restored, as specified by Massachusetts Senate Bill #1837, people will choose cleaner, faster, safer, and more affordable mobility networks.

Yearly traffic costs in Massachusetts are about $15.7 billion:

  • $6.7 billion per year sent of foreign gasoline (link) ($2.40 per gallon).
  • $6.0 billion per year on accidents (link). 
  • $3.0 billion per year spent on congestion (link).

Yet, radically safer and more efficient transportation is very well understood:

  • Freight railroads average 476 ton-miles per gallon (link).
  • The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT or podcar) network in Morgantown has delivered 110 million oil-free, injury-free passenger-miles since being built as a solution to the 1973 Oil Embargo in 1975. In that same period of zero injuries, 1.7 million Americans died on the government highway monopoly. Highway accidents are not accidents. Who they happen to is random, that they happen is a design feature of the highway network.

JPods networks combine the efficiency of railroads with the on-demand service of the Internet, the Physical Internet®.

Everett JPods3D Example from Bill James on Vimeo.

MA Everett RouteTime™ 2017-05-24 from Bill James on Vimeo.

Link to article:  SkyRide On Carnival Vista Is Best Cruise Ship Feature In 2016

Carnival Vista 2016 operational.

KeevaBarnRide from Bill James on Vimeo.

MBTA stations are listed. Travel time, walking and riding is calculated:

  • From the Red Cross.
  • Green is 5 minutes.
  • Blue is 10 minutes
  • Yellow is 20 minutes.
  • Red is 30 minutes.

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