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The trend towards gas lines in the US by Jan 2021. Gaslines will occure if US consumption is above 8 mb/d and US gasoline inventories dip below ~190 million barrels. About 190 million barrels of inventory is required to fill the delivery pipelines, trucks, etc....


Rig Count is at 256, Sept 5, 2020. About 1,000 rigs are required to compensate for the 27% per year depletion rate of fracked oil wells:

Background data:

Federal Infrastructure Bill

  • $506 billion for roads, bridges and major infrastructure projects, including 
  • $4 billion for electric vehicles
  • $98 billion for public transit
  • $56 billion for airports
  • $46 billion for passenger and freight rail systems
  • $21 billion for safety efforts
  • $20 billion for infrastructure financing

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